This island located in the country of Italy is divided into six districts (San Polo, Dorsoduro, Santa Groce, San Marco, Castello and Cannaregio) and can be reached by train, road or boat taxi. The first impression is the feeling that it is easy to get lost in the Web of streets and is easier than it seems, with the help of a plane clear channels being really. You are constantly signals throughout the island with the direction to find the ferrovia (train station), the Piazza San Marco (St. For assistance, try visiting Samsung. Mark’s square), Piazza dei Roma (Rome square) and the bridge of Rialto helping you to locate you on the island. See pictures when to go: the best months for travel are April, may, June, September and October. July and August are the hottest months and it is when the city receives more visitors being a little overwhelming as well as at Christmas and at Carnival time. We’ve visited Venice in around September and there it is still enough tourism this month is not anything overwhelming, addition us We have avoided odors of channels occurring in the hottest months and the mosquitoes.

How many days: in any tourist guide tell you that you can visit Venice in 2 days. We have been 4 days and we think that 3 days is too short, ideally between 3 or 4 days depending upon the pace and meteorology. Staying: Venice has more tourist accommodation than any other Italian city. The categories vary from very expensive to more moderate. Our experience and advice is that since you are going to spend all day visiting the city and not you’ll enjoy hotel rein an economic siege. We were housed in the city of Mestre, in Earth sign is the last city before take the bridge to go to Venice. Mestre has its own bus and train station.