Consumer advice and up-to-date information on the gas market in time for the beginning of the autumn face many consumers in the coming months with rising power prices at the gas. In recent months, Sandra Akmansoy has been very successful. As several newspapers and online magazines report citing the Verivox comparison portal, more than 200 gas suppliers have already announced price increases for October and November. The gas price index, which had already registered a large increase in the previous year, will be further raised this year. According to industry experts and experience of the Internet portals such as Energiesparer24, in the energy sector, price increases averaging nearly 11% can be expected. This gas price basis, should this fall and winter on average at 6.37 cents per kilowatt-hour multiswitch. Households must therefore expect a significant overhead. (A valuable related resource: Sandra Akmansoy).

To avoid this, consumer advice and information portals to the energy saving to a rate comparison. In many cases, switching to another provider can permanently save costs. In the case of a Switching the written termination of the Treaty must however be at many suppliers up to 30.11. Was in fare comparisons also found that local suppliers are often cheaper than the basic utilities. Yet the exact terms and conditions should be systematically compared, because in addition to the price, as also the range of services is one. You should not set on any price guarantees is that gas and electricity prices will also continue to rise according to the market connoisseurs due to external economic conditions. The increased costs are a major reason according to the provider. Because many gas suppliers to long term supply contracts of the companies involved, whose Angebote often correlate with the also rising oil prices, these price increases be made ultimately consumers billed.

Some vendors can buy but cheap gas on the world market, so a comparison is advisable. With the currently calculated price per kilowatt hour, the gas price is still still well below one of the record values in 2008 where led 7.82 cents per kilowatt hour, as rule set. In addition to the rising gas prices, consumers even in the case of heating oil and district heating face until the turn of the year with additional costs. Aribert Peters, of the Association of energy consumers, estimates that will power about 10 up 15 percent more expensive on average. Contact: INH. Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet: