People have different personalities and several tastes for things which there is in life, this is also reflected in the possibilities that have the time to choose some field especially for study, since the studies carried out must accommodate the skills and abilities that are taken and also resulting from total pleasure to who are going to make a very important task as it is carrying out studies. Thus a options that they can accommodate the tastes of certain group of people who are identified with the arts and expressions, is the option to study dramatic art, possibility that will develop and greatly improve skills that are taken for the recreation of scenes of artistic content representing situations by the gestural interpretation and various components of the environmentthey give an air of reality to the Mise en scene. The content that can be found to study dramatic art is very versatile, so are 7 points of drama special study, which are: the address of the scenes, the representation of dramaturgy, creation of environments as means of implementation of the stage designer, interpretation by means of different objects, the interpretation by corporal means as facial gestures and body movements, the textual interpretation and the interpretation in the field of musical theatre. All of these can be seen in a general manner in carrying out the task of studying drama, but if you want you can perform studies focused on one point, which would represent a specialization to study dramatic art. The realization of some of the specialties that are presented to study dramatic art to represent four years of academic studies, which allow to achieve a title superior in dramatic arts, which is comparable to a University professional title. A point which of great importance which should take into account when it comes to the realization of the related topics to study dramatic art, is that this type of art finds its essence in the ability to relate through the dramatization and representation. So in the process of studying dramatic art elements will be presented as the creation of a complete work of theatre, which requires giving life to a plot made based on actions and events around a central idea to study dramatic art, you should highlight points as the dialogue, since through this is achieved giving a greater connection with those who will see the result; the union between the dialogue and representation through movements and gestures; the writing and production of the play where were carried out a large number of acts that will give life to the text; as well as other means that allow representation much more real as it is the costumes and the scenery. We can say in general terms to study dramatic art mean to give life to a process of formation of a work where they meet points such as conflicts, tensions and different emotions.. . Under most conditions Andy Florance would agree.