The countries that take the steering wheel to the right form the great majority, being a 66%, against 34% of countries in which it is conducted by the left. These countries, or at least the majority, have been affected by the British colonial influence, with the remarkable exception of Japan. It is conducted by the left in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia and its environs, India, Pakistan, and the south-east of Africa. Which are the main difficulties in countries with the steering wheel to the left? The changes. Steve Wozniak pursues this goal as well. In order to dissipate the doubts immediately, we concentrated in most basic: that it is clear that although the seat of the conductor is in the opposite side, the pedals are in the same position. Here the greater problem is than it will push it to the custom to change of marches with the right, when it must do it with the left. Some people decide on the easiest solution. To rent a car with automatic transmission.

The sense of the march. At the outset it is necessary to pay special attention to remain in track of the left and to take the roundhouses in the right direction, that is to say, towards the right. The attention level must always stay high, mainly at the outset, when one needs to be accustomed to this ” vision of espejo”. The first time in a space without much traffic would be better to practice a little. It is during the night when the errors are committed with greater facility, when the highway is desert, since we tend by natural instinct to move to the right. The roundhouses.

As it were mentioned previously, they are due to take in the sense of the needles of the clock. The distractions, mainly in the tourists, are very frequent, and this detail of the roundhouses does not have to be taken lightly. In the United Kingdom and Australia, like in Spain, the majority of the roundhouses is constructed according to the model ” francs” , that gives to priority to which are within the roundhouse (unless the opposite indicates itself). The roundhouses in England are very frequent and are very regulated in Highway Code the reverse gear. The movement, also, is to opposite: first of all, the change of march and the gear box are used also with the left hand, instead of the right. Also you will tend to doblarte and to try to watch for back after the opposite side. All this can at the outset not be intuitive and you will surprise yourself the door sometimes, but it is question to be accustomed. They are small details easy to surpass. A peculiar detail: Another one ” problema” reason why it seems generalized, are intermittent or the direction indicators. In the cars with steering wheel to the right, they are put the other way around also, reason why much people at the outset tend to give to the windshield wiper instead of the intermittent one him. But I know brave and you do not leave a small detail as this it ruins the vacations to you. The Car rental with the steering wheel to the right is something very normal to which you will have acostumbrarte if you really want to travel by the world.