Thus, the light Saw a lot of models of Korean and Chinese production with German and Japanese engines a decade ago and about the same appearance. And if the Europeans would prefer public transport such vehicles, the population of developing countries, unencumbered either unnecessary financial or odd conceit, gladly bought the Asian and Korean automotive consumer goods. Its archaic, but the unprecedented low-cost machines mainly feed on diesel fuel Asians made happy countless citizens, creating a tangible competitive members of the secondary market. A here? As it is not unfortunate, but Russian automakers modestly stood aside from world trends. Although it is worth noting that the country was introduced emission control standard Euro-2 (although by that time, all respected automakers have transgressed the release Car corresponding to Euro-5). Just some of our auto-producers (UAZ, yes, not nurtured and subsidized by the state Avtovaz, a is the Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory) all still have introduced diesel engines in range of engines offered (on availability, a more accurate hybrid engine technology disconnected cylinders, I think, and not worth mentioning).

The absence of high ekotlogicheskih and safety standards, low well-being of the overwhelming majority of the population and poorly developed public transport and road network – all this has caused a real expansion of the Korean-Chinese “veterans.” And if in the first half-year since appears on the Russian market, Asian manufacturers are not perceived in a serious, very soon, exploration resistant Chinese market has plunged many into shock. Neither scary shooting crash or collapsing on the move cars – nothing could stop this onslaught. Next to the Koreans and Chinese are proclaimed to Europe (where as confidently began to explore the market, but with a more modern and high-quality models). Gas, alcohol Should say that the struggle for ecology and economy are not limited to variations of the internal combustion engine. Relatively large scale acquires a new ecological fuel-ethanol (basically a mixture of ethanol and gasoline). For example, Concern bmw run in this technology-based 7 series. Several dozen bio-BMW were given the well-known political figures, actors and singers (such as Schwarzenegger was a “Seven”). All the cars were distributed throughout the state of California (fashion mecca for the rich ecology of the fighters). More known and widespread technology modifications gasoline vehicles under use as fuel liquefied gas.