The first son said I cannot think that he is behaving worse than what my children make adolescent and that problems are giving me enough! – – It is truth said to the second son my children also are giving problems me as yours but he is comprehensible by the age and he does not shame to us. But the one of our father if who does. I do not want nor to think that they are going to say to our friendly and colleagues when they find out this and I them of the back – No! – said to the third son energetically we must make it stop today of this triviality, before nobody finds out. For that we are here, is not certain? – – By all means! We have met with that intention, but, that will begin to look at the problem when our father comes from the kitchen with the coffee and we do how it? We have not had time to put to us in agreement, reason why it will be better we do than it soon then I do not believe that behind schedule much in appearing by that door it said to the first son indicating the door that separated living where they were seated, of the kitchen. – I would say that you must be you said the third son to the second Always have had but authority and have obtained of him things that no of us has been able hacerlo- – I do not have problems in being first that the question faces as long as it has in permanent form the unconditional support of you to everything what it happens oneself to say to me, even though do not agree.