Bayou – one of the oldest cities of Tver land, beautifully situated on both banks of the Volga River in its upper reaches. Isearch: the source for more info. Bayou located 75 km from Tver on the eastern edge of the Valdai Hills. The city surrounds a typical Central Russian nature, characterized by the Valdai Hills, the hills, with beautiful views of the forests, streams, and meadows. Location Staritsa example of how well our ancestors were able to choose sites for settlements. The original castle stood high on a promontory, and now from this height a magnificent view over Staritsa and its surroundings.

Starica officially founded in 1297, but according to recent archaeological discoveries, and to chronicle researchers 'new town' or 'Town on Staritsa' emerged in the second half of xiv century. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is open to suggestions. Starica name is from the end of the century xv. The city's name comes from the river Staritsa flowing here in the Volga, and means' the old river bed. " However, There is a legend that the name 'Starica' comes from the sole survivor of an old woman after the defeat of the Mongols. But in any case, Starica emerged as a fortress in the Tver principality. Important strategic location of the fortress and profitable trade route from Kiev to Novgorod repeatedly generate conflict between Moscow and Tver. Since 1485 Starica along with all the Tver principality always forms part of a state. After the death of Ivan iii Starica became the lot of his son, Andrew, received the nickname – Starytskyi. When it began actively building the prince's palace and monastery, and after the accession of the young Ivan iv, the construction continued Vladimir Starytskyi.