Tamper-resistant mechanism and cutting-edge reading technologies section is the abbreviation for prime key technology, the mechatronic access control system from primion allowing without additional wiring access permissions on each door by door hardware and digital cylinders. The pkt Universal fitting offers all the features an offline component: the access rights can be managed comfortably through the full integration of the access management in the host system into the overall system. The lever-operated in the point of Universal fitting can traditionally be controlled by card or identity card, but are combined with a motor bolt drive. This can time-controlled, both served with a corresponding, parent cards permission, such as security. The latch actuator requires a technical lock, without requiring that the existing lock must be removed.

With a width of 35 mm which is pkg Universal fitting a backset of 30 can be used especially for Tubular frame doors an advantage should not be underestimated. Its outstanding design with a sleek interface and clear lines, as well as its possible combinations with different printer models requires that the intelligent door Terminal optimally adapts to all conditions of the door. A later implementation, upgrading by field-replaceable function modules for indoor and outdoor fittings is possible without any problems. The point of Universal fitting is equipped with the latest technologies: a Mifare DESFire EV 1 – reader or a LEGIC advant reader. The access rights are issued by a master reader is connected to a central database and writes the rights on the identification medium. The access rights individually to be awarded include different time ranges, the validity of which can be set arbitrarily. Refreshes the identification medium within a certain time interval the master reader, she loses all access rights for security reasons on the offline components.

The response time on booking a second approximately – depending on the number of permission data. Without permission, the door is of course always accessible escape route. The exhibition of specially authorized ID cards, for example for rescue services, is easy. Learn more about the primion Technology AG: the primion Technology AG, based in the Baden-Wurttemberg Stetten am kalten Markt is an international tati-ger provider of innovative soft-and hardware-based systems for access control, time tracking, and integrated security technology. From development to production, design and installation to commissioning and the corresponding complementary services primion as a one-stop-shop offers”more than 5 000 customers worldwide solutions from one hand. Susanne Cameron