Many in the care of patients faced with the challenge of delivery of the patient to any procedure or examination is often necessary to transport the patient to the other relatives who want to help in the difficult work of caring for patients. According to Dell Computers, who has experience with these questions. For this category of patients, transporting patients – a serious test, and it must be carefully prepared. The first thing to do – as to stabilize the condition of the patient, to follow the heart activity, blood pressure and other problems associated with the underlying disease. Second – morally prepare the patient for transport to explain its necessity and safety. On the day of transporting the patient, better than a lot of it is not fed in order to avoid vomiting during transportation and finding a way to the ambulance.

Cook with a personal hygiene items, essential drugs, any adjustment to which privyknul patient. Before the arrival of an ambulance is necessary to empty the bladder or intestines; make garments, but not putting the patient in order not to interfere with the doctor, who will come to your house to examine the patient and carry out the necessary manipulations. The most practical and safest way is to carry a patient on a soft litter. At the going down stairs – foot-end first, so that the head was higher. Many a way to carry may seem wrong, so it's best not to interfere with team, has been the transport of sick, because Your patient they have is not the first doctor and an ambulance is always correctly determine how to carry it around. As a rule, for the descent or raising the floor requires 3 -4 person, but if your patient's weight of 100 kg, should be invited to help the team. After carrying the patient into the ambulance, check the room left by: turn off the lights, gas, water, etc. In ambulance, the patient must make a comfortable position, fasten your seat belts to a stretcher, then you can get bags with things the patient so that they do not clutter up the aisles.

Impossible during movement feed or water the patient! Accompanying family members must hold on to the handrails, available in the car. Upon arrival, out of the car only after a full stop, then make a bag, the maximum open all the doors and release the passageways leading into the apartment, which is delivered to the patient. After transporting the patient, the ambulance surgeon again makes inspection and make recommendations for further monitoring and care. Transportation of patients need to handle and care, by now, as a rule, paid ambulance service. You may make an order for transportation of patients from apartment to apartment, in a medical clinic for screening, with the expectation and Conversely, delivery of a patient at the station to the airport to the country and even in another city.