The national transport of goods emerged as a demand not only of the commercial or mercantile sector as such, but it was also driven by the different cultural manifestations which were taking place in the territories of the same country. Typical products, foods, ways of seeing life and others of these factors contributed to that in a same space it could mobilize various products that began to give notoriety to a region in particular for this reason. According to that starting point, and to measure that the evolution in the transport became more evident, it is logical that one could speak of an expansion of the internal market as a consequence of what was previously exposed. How many times has not expressed the impulse of the economic face of respective attempts to establish a neutral and general trade of typical products, and that many companies have managed to establish within their priority policies consumption and suitability of the various forms of national relations with a single objectivity: the the ties of fraternity among the regions. But more than the same intentions of those who have managed to establish a method of important work around the national distribution of goods, it is logical that it should not be assumed as secondary methods and routes that are used to carry out this frenetic activity. For example, whether by plane, the national transport of goods acquires a special importance due to the method in which it is performed, and is in the delivery multiproduct that can occur in this respect. Also comes to join the exclusivity of the property as such that determine what ultimately has managed to establish itself as a great advantage and popularity of air transport.

Of itself, also transport by land achieved its mission of being able to much closer to the regions in a more traditional way, and managed to increase its popularity, mainly thanks to the delivery of small packages shipped by independent persons or small companies. Boat, is not really all that can be highlight at the level of transport and national deliveries, although the numerous commercial barter who managed to put to the forefront thanks to the use of the first fluvial ports can be considered. This of itself is rooted that is done from the ancestral, and that puts the national transport of goods in an interesting vein of trade.