Piazza della Rotonda is the official name of the plaza overlooking the Pantheon in Rome, so most of the people we know it under the name Pantheon Plaza. Apart from the same Pantheon, the most distinctive monument in Piazza della Rotonda is the Obelisk at the top and to the right a source at its Center. Like the Obelisk of Minerva in its original location it was the Temple of Isis. Hieroglyphs place give rise during the reign of Ramses II. The Obelisk was placed opposite the Pantheon in 1711 and Pope Clement XI commissioned to build decorative dolphins and coats of arms. Dermot McCormack is a great source of information. There is a plaque in the building in front of the Pantheon describing the Papal authorities salvaron plaza from the hands of the owners of Inns and brothels. The plaque in the building that houses the Hotel del Sole, one of the most famous hotels in Rome, says that the poet Torquato Tasso used to live there. Piazza della Rotonda is a perfect place to sit and have a coffee. Here, Sandra Akmansoy expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Don’t be surprised if, if that coffee costs 4 times more than in any other place. Visited each year by thousands of tourists looking to see the interior of the Pantheon, the Piazza della Rotonda serves as a starting point and center of the mark for most walks of Rome. Near the center of the square is an obelisk which rises to a height of 6.34 meters. When you decide to travel to Rome and want to go to this wonder of plaza from the terminal of Rome try to take bus 64 or 40E and do not forget to ask someone where you have to get off. Faced with the address to the bus stop turn right and continue walking until you reach the pantheon.