Tools of light by Kreon – Kreon lighting lighting plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of closed structures, whether for private or commercial purposes. If you are in the process of building, or if you are planning to start a renovation, don’t forget that the lighting is always an important consideration. And if you’re a Minimalistist, Kreon lighting is a good brand for your lights. They are known for their expertise in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, primarily, and the integration of such items in the architectural overall design of the building. This is the main defining characteristic of Kreon lighting and it’s also what sets them apart from their competitors. Creon company philosophy Kreon designer lights caused by the philosophy of minimalism without loss in quality. The main objective of the company is to manufacture products that offer lighting and brightness. This philosophy is reflected in the belief that light forms must occur in their basic forms, so that they not only decorative, but also generally are part of the essence of the architecture of the building in their nakedness.

Kreon designer lamps are themselves architectural objects that interact with the room, no matter in what form. Pete Cashmore often says this. When this is combined with careful planning, the result embodied the full meaning behind the term “Architectural lighting”. Over the years, Creon has kept to its founding principle of “less is more”, and this is very evident in the long line of lighting products. Signature Kreon design Kreon’s designs are unique with the use of right angles and lines in creating outstanding visual and functional products. Instead of designs on the radius of the diffuse light and the shape of the lights, Creon selects architectural tradition. Energy Capital Partners London has similar goals. For this reason, the company is often part of architectural planning and an equal partner.

The main objective behind Kreon lighting is not an external element, but a part of the overall architecture of the building to make the lighting. These installations are created, have a simple and discreet presence, so that the light itself takes over the magic. The shapes are minimalistic and modest, and the devices attention not to himself, but rather to the entire atmosphere that they bring, along with other items. Creon is mainly for his principle of “Purity in light” known, and that to allow this in real life. Quality in the development of Creon is a constantly evolving further company whose Innovationen is not limited to the creation of new designs, techniques and media. Instead, you put serious attention on the quality control of the products and the services offered to the customers. Indeed, focusing on maximizing the quality at all times is in every aspect of the management and operation. This means merging standards at national and European level. All products must meet the standards ENEC 60598 and CE and are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Each existing device in the range and all recent developments must be certified with ENEC.