There’s a hole in the roof of the nation. When it rains rain water penetrates, and endangered the precious inventory. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. The unfree fictional story of the solution competence. The country is in turmoil. Obtained expertise and working groups and meeting sessions are made in the political parties. There are public discussions.

The whole country deals with the subject. The letter to the editor sections of daily newspapers swelling, and late into the night, experts discuss with party representatives in studios converted to Club rooms. The weekly scheduled discussions headed by the famous Fernsehmoderatorinnen and broadcast on several channels simultaneously. Up and down the country politicians seek the approaches of the other party as insufficiently incongruous to display and to apply their own idea as the only effective measure. In Parliament speech and conversational exchange collide unerbittert.

The Government was forced to resign after a few years and a strengthened opposition vehemently demanded the new Government to insert an ad hoc task force with international experts, in which all major public institutions must be represented and which should be led by a troika of party leader of the opposition. The Government had to – give the pressure of the opposition under the threat of a censure motion and elections and was ready to convene a crisis meeting. Due to the upcoming summer break, set a date for mid-October in a joint press release. The meeting was broadcast live on national television. The media had used the summer to speculate about the outcome of this meeting and to create rankings of possible outcomes. Through this media coverage, the public interest was sharply increased, and the viewership of the transfer exceeded the quotas of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbuhel. The speeches were inspired by great harmony in the morning. All parties emphasized their good will and determination in a joint effort to develop a common solution.