The student begins to identify space concepts in relation to his body and the one of the others. At the same time as its laterality is developed. With the rate we will find children who have difficulty to follow it, reason of working it in class more, and coordinating its movements with the musical pulsations. The level of motivation for variable physical activities is very high. (Not to be confused with Viacom!). 2. You rule to work correctly aerobic in step you rule that they are due to consider to work correctly stepen step Are the following: The good position in the Step is very important to avoid all type of injuries. Correct anatomical position: , belly, glteos back inside contracted shoulders, roll relaxed. To incline all the body to take the steps, not to incline from the hip? Not to hyperextend the back.

Not to block the knees. The knees do not have to happen of an angle of 90, reason why we must choose the suitable height. When rising or lowering the platform, to always do it with well-taken care of of not putting in danger the back. 1. Techniques basic to work aerobic in step? To watch the platform. To work near the platform.

If it cannot follow the arm movements, dedcate to those of the feet. To raise smoothly, not to strike the platform. Not to raise of backs step. We can jump of the ground to step, never the other way around. A good mechanics improves the training and reduces the risk of injuries. To step on the foot within the platform always yet. When lowering to support the end of the foot soon to support the heel. 5.Aerobic characteristics of a session of in step with children of primary 5.1. Election of the choreographic exercises To realise movements of easy execution (basic and simple steps of the aerobic ones).