Under this scheme is transferred to an activity is transferred to a profit center or revenue. The contractor or third party benefits from the transfer to have the experience and technologies required for the activity. Doing so will bring in a competitive manner the benefit of their own growth and additional contributions. The Oil industry has the challenge to remain competitive and profitable in the complex world of energy. In a forum on this subject by a group of participants from the chair of management topics, the Quality Management Program Graduate Faces, UC. , Noted that within the Industry, Outsourcing helps to speed up the process of restructuring and improve their profits, by targeting the activity of the company towards its core activities. It also allows risk sharing, attracting foreign capital and entails the use of new technologies.

The fact that a specialized company to assume the activity has been assigned should improve the quality of the final product or service using appropriate technology and staff to achieve the lowest possible cost. The true value of outsourcing occurs if the transfer of activity to a third party can somehow create value. The value created must be shared. If the fee to the person who transfers the activity exceeds the cost of it, obviously the transfer does not make sense, does not pay. The capital is importance to reap benefits and define the tasks Consider, that the clarification of the costs of the activity to be transferred is one of the most important process, because on the basis of these other decisions are taken.