Therefore, according to ecologists, vinyl is more suitable for the hall and kitchen. What to do. In the children's bedroom and better pokleit paper wall. Plastic panels – If you oboshete plastic panels toilet or bathroom – okay – explain Experts 'Ekostandarta'. – But at the stove, where the high temperature, the material when heated begins to form dioxins. However, by the way, concerns of plastic windows. Under normal circumstances, they are completely environmentally friendly. But in case of fire melt – and then dangerous.

That paint color is the most neekologichnym material. Certainly not any. But deshevok and fakes have plenty. – Poor quality ink can cause allergies – explain environmentalists. – Severe cases – the problem with the liver, kidneys, nervous system. What to do. Environmentalists recommend buying famous brands of paint – they correspond to international standards.

And the best – in chain stores, which are less likely to buy forgery. Water-based paints (vodoemulsionka) are usually harmless – they do not contain solvents. The numbers: 50% of finishing materials offered on the market today, the unit will not pass environmental impact assessments and can be considered not safe for health. (According to the company 'Ekostandart'.) Look carefully, and remember! You see these goods in the name – think about the health of toluene, xylene, acetone (solvent) – toxic substances may irritate the eyes and skin. Formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde – carcinogenic, toxic substances. Standing out, irritated throat, bronchi, mucosa of eyes, lower immunity. Phenol – toxicity. Couples irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Benzene – in large doses can cause nausea and dizziness, prolonged exposure may cause blood disorders. Dioxins – a very dangerous substances accumulate in the body, suppress the immune system and provoke the development of cancer. How to buy safe 'finish' 1. The degree of environmental decoration materials designated for packaging E1, E2, E3. This class of emission of harmful substances. E1 – an ideal material, suitable even for children's rooms, E2 – suitable for a hall, kitchen, bathroom. Bedroom and living room is better not to take, E3 – the material for finishing the production premises. For the apartments are not suitable. 2. Be sure to ask a health certificate. The certificate shall always specify which hazardous substances are extracted from paint or purchased, such as wall panels. If these substances typed 5 – 10, think – and maybe still not worth buying? However, many sanitary certificates – fake, they are easy to buy. And if a good store certificates are likely to present, then the market lot of 'left'. 3. On many finishing materials have special icons that indicate environmental cleanliness. For example, 'Gryunepunkt' (on imported materials), Ecomaterial (for domestic products) and others.