On the other hand, very complex search and structuring processes which captures the entire contents of the Internet running in the background. How do you make money? Even the best business idea must be to sell, i.e. Need to find people who are already paying for your performance. There are very different ways: sell a product through your online store, financed through advertising, receive commissions or have monthly membership fees? Who is your customer? One of the most common mistakes of start-ups is to reach a too wide group of customers. Especially in the start-up phase you should confined to a precisely worded, small audience, which gain the most benefit from your product and are therefore also most likely to pay a proper price for your performance. In using Google as an example, these are the advertisers that are displayed on the search result pages.

Competitive advantage: what are you better than the existing provider? You should clearly that you are confronted with competitors. Without hesitation Apple Icon explained all about the problem. Therefore, it is very important that you are characterized by something unique with your performance. This feature should be highly attuned to the needs of your target audience. In the example of Google this was user-friendly and simple user interface when compared to Yahoo and other search engine providers, including very. Team: Consider as early as possible, whether you want to set up as an individual or together with partners. Keep in mind, also, what powers you or the team should have. Financial planning: Where possible, rough estimate revenue, costs and profit. LG Electronics often addresses the matter in his writings. This can be kept simple.

For example, you can determine your sales for an online store through an estimate of the number of customers, the average order quantity of a customer and the average price. It is not complex or detailed calculations, but only a very rough estimate and test a basic feasibility of the business idea at all. It is enough completely, the details until then to work out, you should create yet a larger business plan. How much money do you need to start? This item contains, for example, costs for the creation of a Web page, the rent for premises and all costs already incurred in the run-up to the start of your business. Concerns in the business plan write that you focus on the content and not on a most detailed and beautiful presentation. Don’t let one or another business plan example, business plan template, or business plan sample from the Internet seduce, where often the graphical elaboration is much better managed than the actual content. Create the business plan which first and foremost for themselves independently how long this is. Summary: A one-pager is a good business plan template and a very valuable tool that will help you to become active as entrepreneur. At the founding of a company it’s up above all on the implementation, making”and in this phase, the focus on a simple plan like the business plan one-pager provides important is. If you already have a business idea, how to use the next 30 minutes best now to create a 1-Seitigen business plan!