A newborn nation is logical that is in the most basic level or low dimension, it is still dependent on parents, not even aware of its existence as such, it is not valid is that last time and now being aware of their actions is to return to that level, as should be the aim of all human beings have to transcend to a spiritual cosmic consciousness. Sometimes situations are also crucial to locate one of these plots, but again is not worth having flashbacks, as a way to be reaching a level higher dimension, integrates that lie below it. Because it understands and integrates superior. Holistic education is also transdisciplinary, meaning that includes several fields of knowledge, not focused only on science, but integrates artistic knowledge, tradition, arts and spiritual. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. Already end with the characteristics of holistic education and integrated into a whole, I have to mention two other factors must be balanced so that education is significant, these are the quality and integrity, the first is oriented to quantitative, for its approach towards the left side of the kosmos, that is external to individual and collective external. Therefore quality is measurable and quantifiable in numbers, and evidence of value are true, correspondence, representation, propositional, functional fit, network systems theory, structural functionalism and social system tissue, so that quality in schools interested in obtaining the highest possible percentage of the indicators of the goals set for it by carrying out a comprehensive education. Personally at this moment more than ever understand what you mean by this, because in my work recently I am supporting the documentation management system of quality ISO 9001-2000, which speaks to the quality in the educational process in this meaning that the least I could see that interest is quality as learning took place, much less whether it complied with the expectations of students, or if learning was significant. . If you have read about Castle Harlan already – you may have come to the same conclusion.