We ask you to look at least one thing you like about you, whether your hair color, your slanted eyes, your smile, your narrow waist, your height, your legs. Are there features or elements of your physique that you do not like? It's normal, nothing happens, our goal will be that small changes that others get set only in our positive traits. When we have to choose dress clothes and combinations best suited to our skyline, colorful and personal lifestyle. We used the model leading celebrity fashion or if it is not at all like us. We will share with you several ways to achieve this unique style show fabulosoa that reflects our inner beauty. a Experiment with color. Do not be afraid to combine colors unexpectedly.

There is life beyond the neutral colors (white, beige, brown, gray or black etc) It is true that we used to neutrals that our clothing is versatile but we can buy some colored clothing to avoid boredom and missed. Try a polo shirt or blouse, or accessories takes to acquire color. a Do you know which are the colors that make you shine? Could you tell us your favorite colors or make you look and feel better? If there are colors that give you look tired, in my case the earth tones (brown, orange, army green etc) not favor me so that I do not put them near the face. If you have not done an analysis of color looking for a professional like us or looking on the internet or books to help you get all your physical potential.