The hard drive is a (see Post earlier Hardware for computers) storage device i.e. retains the information that has been stored within its structure, through the use of a digital magnetic recording system. In the a hard drive is where in the most cases is stored the operating system of the computer, which are a set of programs designed to prepare the computer so that the user can interact with the computer (see Post computer Software); It also contains all the applications that the user requires to perform a task specifies, but not only that, also stores files that are obtained as a result of the processing of data and information; then as we see the hard drive it is just as important. According to Ali Partovi, who has experience with these questions. The hard drive is a (housing cabinet structure) metal inside which lie a series of discs metal plates mounted on an axle rotating at high speed. On these dishes are arms that hold the heads responsible for read / write magnetic impulses on the discs, required a reader/writer head on each side of the disk when you buy a hard drive and as it leaves the factory, it can not be used directly, before it has to go through a series of processes that can go from the right way connect until the preliminary configuration which requires and that is what we are going to see on this trip, so as you can see it is a quite interesting and broad topic. And this will be the route that we are going to do: brief history on the hard disk.

Structure physical parts physical addressing structure logic types of Interface hard drives (connection) IDE S-ATA SCSI modes of transfer hard drives in Windows, Linux and Mac partitions accesses and speeds. The topic is extensive and quite interesting so I will try to put all the concepts of greater importance as well as the relevant recommendations always using a language that provide you the understanding to the extent possible; by now, only I invite you don’t miss the next post where he began this new journey through the world of the hard drives. This was today’s post by way of invitation for the next, Oh and if you’re new here I invite you to see the previous post. Well that is all I hope so!