Over time you get used to but the rhythm, especially as a protein-rich diet produces less insulin and thus less feeling of hunger is felt. With Bodymed to start first with a two-day start-up phase, which prepares the body so to speak on the diet and weight loss. In this initial phase will be consumed only Sana-fit. Sana-fit can be obtained only with Bodymed and consists of a balanced combination of nutrients that is required for the low-carbohydrate diet. In the start-up phase drinking start (www.bodymed-ansbach-shop.de/ bodymed-sana-fit/bodymed-sana-fit-start.html) five times a day Bodymed Sana-fit. Besides Sana-fit, unsweetened tea or water is allowed. The body is prepared, then on the fat burning after 2 days the reduction phase.

It consists of a balanced meal per day, which should contain carbohydrates as little as possible. To the other two meals take a portion of each Bodymed Sana-fit premium (www.bodymed-ansbach-shop.de/ bodymed-sana-fit.html) to himself. This phase lasts until you reach the self-imposed weight. The third phase is the so-called stabilization phase, which lasts four weeks. During this time, to replace only one meal per day with Sana-fit premium.

The other two meals should consist in addition to plenty of fruit and vegetables from meat or fish. The fourth phase is the maintenance phase, on which you should set indefinitely. It three meals are taken on the day, so composed that they contain protein, 30-40% fat and only 30-40% carbohydrates according to the latest nutritional knowledge between 20-30%. Snacks and all food, the sugar is not recommended. Company Description Bodymed Center Ansbach was established in 1999 and operates since then successful in the dietary advice and the vital substance advice after Bodymed concept. The Bodymed nutrition concept was developed mid-1990s by German doctors for doctors and scientifically from the outset. Here are the specifics of the Metabolism into account. With the Bodymed nutrition concept, you reach a meaningful weight reduction and long-term stabilization of body weight.