Free lecture on the May 30, 2008 from 08:30 to approx. 13:00 at the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. The IHK Bonn is committed to a timely implementation of the regulation. The GvWD, the German Association of the Manager and the IHK Bonn under supports the content of the new Assembly Ordinance. Bonn evolved into the regional and International Congress city. There it is to have an interest in quality in the event market the syllabus, the companies, and of course the Chamber of Commerce of Bonn and places importance on good and safe events in Bonn and the region.

This regulation is a legal requirement with many advantages for responsible and forward-thinking executives with foresight in communities as well as in the economy, and of course in particular the event industry in hotel / restaurant and disco bar area or event and multipurpose. The municipalities in the region and the city of Bonn are also affected (Mayor, schools E.g. School Auditorium, construction and culture Office), in short the VStattVO is relevant for all those, the dealing with venues. Venues are… building systems are designed for the simultaneous presence of many people at events, in particular educational, economic, social, cultural, artistic, political, sporting or entertaining, as well as dispensing – and fact. The main advantage of this sensible regulation is so Jastrob that there are no accidental liability claims to the executives. Lawyer Heiko Brokop, one of the few specialists in Germany for the Assembly sites Ordinance, explains in detail the subject of liability and risks. The issue of liability is no longer randomly controlled, but is clearly the operator, the operator or a clearly defined employee who is aware of its responsibility and accordingly bears the responsibility.

Sufficient expertise and resources available are to him. Other advantages of VStattVO are: 1 security events is best manufactured. 2. law compliant action 3 turn off risks, risk minimizing IHK-Bonn President Dr. Ernst Franceschini explained the following: after weighing all possibilities must be in the interest of each owner/operator, to take preventive measures to avoid accidents and damage. This is for the benefit of guests and staff, and also in their own interest. So you can avoid serious and incalculable cost to look before damage events. In addition the personal liability of the operator, the operator and responsible persons, if necessary until into the private. Actuality Olaf Jastrob: The Assembly sites Ordinance is a guarantee that security at events is made possible. “Education to the VStattVO the GvWD, Olaf Jastrob following further training possibilities offered: certificate seminars to the competent supervisory person” for schools and communities b. for restaurants, catering establishments and hotels c. for discotheques d. for “Venues (multi-purpose hall/gymnasium) e. for organizers following seminars with the aim of the certification as competent supervisory person” for events after VStattVO NRW 2006 and BGV C1 are planned in the region: District Bergheim: 15-17, 2008 City of Bonn 23 25.Juli 2008 City of Bonn 21-23 August, 2008 collapse you 50% of your costs of seminar education check NRW. We advise you gladly.