Launched in as the semester of 2008, the Android is an operational system for mobile that wheel on a Linux nucleus. The first company to develop the Android platform was the Google and, even so now either produced for the Open Handset Aliancce, the Google continues being responsible skin management and engineering of the processes. Had its excellent atrelada performance to the Google name, some marks of cellular use the Android as its operational system. For even more opinions, read materials from technology investor. At the moment, the only competitor of weight of the Android system is iOS of the Apple that, currently is used in cellular more queridinho of the world, iPhone. Although iPhone either well popular, the Android also has its adepts and possesss some fans whom costumam well to be fidiciary offices. Thanks to this allegiance, we can currently find in the Internet diverse sites and blogs on the Android.

In them it is possible to find the most different information on the system, facilitating the life of who has or wants a device with this. Amongst best blogs on Android of the world, we can find the Android and Me, that as the proper name it speaks, foca in the system and its relationship with the user. Writing in English, this blog counts on some information on powerful launching and reviews on as it costuma to function. If you prefer new features Brazilian land coming, a good alternative you are the Blog of the Android. Created in the year of 2009, the content of it is come back toward everything that involves the Android and the revolution that is happening in the technology mobile. There it is possible to find notice even though relaxed and articles technician whom, they search to pass the maximum of information for the user.

Another good Brazilian option is the AndroidBlog that, it knows to speak in such a way with professionals of the area how much with laypeople. Of simple and direct form it is possible to all find the type of information on the ONES that go since a simple note until tutorial of as to unlock its device. Blogs is the new media of century XXI, being an excellent tool for who has something to say. If you also have a subject that she desires to argue, you create one blog. To create one blog is fast easy e, does not need to be no specialist to start to blogar.