In this case, specially designed software "poured" into internal memory modems. Programmability modem integra laid manufacturer and by using the ide open at modem to delivery to the consumer. Thanks to the new "flashing" the user gets opportunity to organize a transparent data channel from any device with built-in RS-232 to any other device with the same interface as if these devices would be connected to an ordinary cable. The devices also actually may be in any parts of the globe, where he worked GSM-network. For the organization of the data devices must have a fixed ip address. In addition to the data "point to point, you can also organize the transfer of Data RS232 – web server. In this case GSM-device does not require a static ip address. Accepted for RS-232 data is transmitted over the Internet to a remote WEBserver fixed IP-address.

This approach has been applied successfully in implemented project of zao Peterburgregiongaz "to collect and transfer data from the metering of natural gas. The system involved Wavecom modems have static ip addresses connected to the calculator the amount of gas whose data transferred to the control room. The results of the pilot operation confirmed that the speed and the reliability characteristics of this system is acceptable to collect large amounts of information to mainstream gas. Embedded integra terminals are simple, robust and compact. Metal shock resistant housing allows operation of the modems in a series of harsh industrial environments. Compact for embedding in small devices, modem integra M2106 allows you to add wireless data without fundamental changes in the design of existing systems.