In oil painting, there are several basic types of technology writing. The fastest technique is to – write the picture in one go, "a la prima", ie single-layer technique, writing without preparation. This way of writing is usually used to write sketches for paintings or en plein air (painting outdoors from life). Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. Over a long time – multi-layer technique of writing. There may be many stages of work. One of the first is the underpainting, where expanded color and tone spot on the canvas. Applying the techniques of the first and second methods of artistic writing, a mixed technique of oil painting: for example, long-range plan can work out quickly, and the front – By means of several approaches to painting as drying paint layer. Each layer in a multilayered technique of writing fixed a finishing lacquer art. As drying paint tends to fade, you need to liven up the color pattern.. Source: Mikkel Svane.