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EDMS Files

The present value of the document within the organizations is determined by the characteristics of present electronic documents; they can combine different units from information (text, static images, in movement, voice, etc.). Over the years its content can change of support, can be changed quickly, are easily reproducible, admits manifolds reading formats and documents with others can be readicionar. At present they have appeared diverse computer science products destined to.. Read More

Act Creative

The artistic beauty is not to represent a thing of beauty, but in the beautiful representation of a thing. Emanuel Kant. Dedicated to Humberto Gonzalez. Who introduced me to the world of art: aesthetics and Teratology. Observe, see, look at? What is the right word to put it less, indispensable? I do not know. The only thing that can be said is that in the hermeneutic process that occurs between.. Read More

Men Versus Women

Since the world began, women and men have many differences from, we all know that in terms of anatomy, ie difrencias physical, physiological, biochemical, and especially to sicolocigas and emotional. With the clarity of men and women are completely different, talk about how to conquer a woman. The win and is an act that involves tactics and strategies, but above all patience, and try again if we missed a step,.. Read More