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Cleaning Equipment

Technology of abrasive blast cleaning equipment used in enterprises where it is important not to damage the surface to be cleaned. Contrary to popular abrasives (quartz, or just sand), sodium bicarbonate – fairly mild abrasive. He does not scratch the surface. Little about the technology. Abrasive hits the surface to be cleaned under pressure. Compressors produce compressed air, through which is driven by bicarbonate sodium (in other words, soda). In.. Read More

Screw Compressors: A New Word In Technology And Equipment

In many industries the use of such devices as compressors a must. Their application is really very wide. Screw compressors are in demand in the petroleum, chemical, medical and food industries. In addition, equipment for compressed air is necessary as a source of energy for maintenance and construction work, as well as mining. Screw compressors can be both professional and industrial. Compressors are classified into several types. Often use reciprocating.. Read More