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Words Of A Solitary

Words of the true one will be lost to live, will be lost emotions and solides, will lose the conditions human beings, will be lost magnificent critical. Who are you you call that me? , who are you that you cry? , that you walk engaged? , that you sing. Oh, angel! You are the Aurlia, the dawn of every day, the being most charming of the Land, that one.. Read More

Belo Horizonte

Nobody knew to move itself, Nobody knew to express, Nobody wanted to rebel itself, and all the land was lost. Suddenly, a university professor With its schematical thought, its likeable face Put the population in a paragraph. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Dell for a more varied view. the peoples had rebelled themselves, Thanks to the schematical methods. everything left of being emphatical, and the university professor.. Read More