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Julius K-9 Power

The tiny new development of Julius K-9 is developed from available immediately in stores July 13 2009/Gaby Gunther for almost 15 years and produced Julius K9 BT. ( headquartered in the vicinity of Budapest/Hungary the most comfortable and safest dog harness in the world. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well. Almost as long, these are original power harnesses Julius k-9 service dog schools and rescue dog teams.. Read More

25 Years For Goods A Bargain Price

1985 opening of the first Sonderpostenmaktes in Soltau Thursday, 30 May 1985. After great effort and long preparation time, the entrepreneur couple Silke and Dieter Stern in Soltau opened their first special items market. A business idea that was still very new and innovative at the time. Originally, both operated a small electrical installation operation. The nose by Silke and Dieter Stern, proved a hit. Click Charlotte Hornets for additional.. Read More