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Situations lead us to take immediate decisions to fix our present but often lose sight of what is best in the future. This is what many people think when they miss look back and and see that the decision to start his professional career without a solid educational base served no great thing. Need to work sometimes prevails over other imputs of life aside other possibilities that could have served.. Read More

Deserved Tribute

By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez let me first say that I am not agree to exalt the woman as a beautiful being that adorned the gardens of the universe. No Sir, it seems to me that this concept reduces women to a simple ornamental role and cosifica it by reducing it to be a beautiful object and nothing else. Why I today declare myself an admirer of all women, not only.. Read More

Work-related Stress

Enjoy only the pleasures of the moment. Proverb Chinese General, basic considerations, reach and impact management must be attentive to prevent work-related stress manifests and affect the performance, productivity and operating capacity of the enterprise towards its objectives and targets established. It is known that stress occurs as a result of an imbalance between the demands of the environment (labour, social, etc.) and the resources available (often limited) of the.. Read More