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Consumer electronics new generation of successful not only performs these tasks. Modern models of dishwashers save water through its filtration and reuse, energy – due choices optimal for a given loading mode and washing, in addition, they are dried, which also greatly simplifies the lives of their owners. However, it is time to move on to the case. If you have already “ripe” for the purchase of a good technique.. Read More

The Tube

If thawing is necessary, then include a refrigerator after it is desirable at night when the temperature drops. When defrosting the refrigerator can not get off the ice with sharp namerzshy objects or tear off your hands because you can damage the tube evaporator. Must wait until it melts naturally. To speed up the thawing process can be put inside a refrigerator container with hot water, but this process is.. Read More


With this increased lifespan of refrigerators, it became possible to implement many innovative engineering solutions. In addition, multi-device protection work done absolutely silent. From the viewpoint of ecology refrigerators Nord – is the perfect choice. The fact is that as the refrigerant used here is absolutely harmless, isobutane, which does not deplete the ozone layer. And for that cold is better preserved, has been developed newest technology of polyurethane foam.. Read More