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Coaching to prevail in your business You have a great idea, a great product and all the energy to remove to your business avante; but what happens that you cannot advance and obtain the wished results? Djame decirte that your professional side and of businesses is not different from other aspects of your life when to reach goals it is tried. The discipline and a clear and deep knowledge of.. Read More

The Protocol

Decent work. All have preconceptions about Butlers and the role played in the literature and cinema Butlers are grown, almost always characterized as English characters, they captivate audiences thanks to its intelligent humor, his audacity and shrewdness reveal mysteries or plan a great crime. In real life we are discrete and little striking, prudent and helpful as required by the Office, this point is extremely important, since one should not.. Read More

Social Networks

For a time to this Google part it has been considering some social indicators like positioning factor Web. The repercussion of a site in the social networks definitively is registered by Google and comprises of the algorithm that will determine the positioning. For this reason, there are some actions that we can realise with the intention of improving our social profile for this motor of searches. It participates in the.. Read More