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Flight Times

The MacScan FlightTimer recognizes flight times also touch-and-go in the exercise mode easier capture with the MacScan FlightTimer. Just great once-Palm is quickly becoming the indispensable helpers this device for pilots. The built-in GPS receiver, it collects among other things the speed data and uses it to determine flight phases. Special feature: The MacScan FlightTimer detects the number of landings and therefore also touch-and-go in the exercise mode by Intelligent.. Read More

Why Is Warm Up Before The Training Sessions It So Important To?

Warm up fitness: the proper warm up before a workout not neglect before of every training session, whether motor sports in the Fitness Studio, running, spinning or before a football game, it’s making incredibly important several in warm-up exercises, on the one hand to increase the efficiency of the body and the muscles and thus increasing the training effect or to support and to prevent possible injury. Unfortunately, let the.. Read More

Important Module

Protein powder can be perfectly cancel each other out these deficits at the fitness training of the athlete’s body is exposed to relatively high levels of stress. This automatically produces deficits in the diet. With the help of appropriate dietary supplements such as protein powders, these deficits can be excellent balance. A dietary supplement such as, for example, the whey for protein in the range of strength training, ideal to.. Read More

Simple Abnehmmethode

Who want to lose weight, usually first tried it with methods that promise the easy success. Various weight-loss products, offered numerous on the Internet promise this advertising. Who has failed in these products, then searches for other easy options, to get his weight under control. But there is the simple and effortless way? The search for a hassle-free and easy weight loss method is according to our experience so desperate.. Read More

Innovative Nutrition Strategy

Novel high-low cycle works exclusively with classic natural food Esch-sur-Alzette, November 2009 Avadion publishing presents his new book: the 5 pillar program 1… with a system for success. Michel Haas, training and diet developer and author of the 250 pages of high standard work, developed an innovative strategy for optimum nutrition before, during, and after exercise. This influenced the fat burning and performance. 10 checklists provide a simple and rapid.. Read More