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Gold Smiths Jewelry

Who wants no advice without time pressure and with an optimum result? The new online shop specializing in rings now directly in the living room of the customer ring Pope offers all this and much more: jewelry trade Sebastian Kuhn expanded range and service since October 2009, the company jewellery trade Sebastian Kuhn customers offers a more service. Zendesk is the source for more interesting facts. With the online shop.. Read More

Outlet Boutique

The personal bargain boutique from the Black Forest yesterday today only in the Black Forest, in whole Germany: with this motto opened Hoger man & kox, the brand-oriented outlet boutique concept with a personal touch, now finally its doors also in the network. Under Hoger man, the fashion-conscious, quality-oriented woman finds an attractive variety of brands of all product groups always up to 70% cheaper! The Baden-Wurttemberg start-up inspires.. Read More

Weser River

But who look very closely, which can still discover the traces of the past on the grounds of the waterfront. The shopping offers extra fun shopping Sunday on July 3 at the waterfront. In the context of Gropelinger summer, the cultural festival in the Bremen West, the shopping and leisure centre from 13 until 18: 00 opens the door to shopping and dining. Whom they are drawn to the water,.. Read More