GSM Tools

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Basic Measuring Tools

Among the most common measurement instruments include calipers, Gauges, Micrometer and nutrometr. All of them can get fairly accurate results, but even with good instruments there is some measurement error. As a rule, its value is indicated in the data sheet, and that it directly affects the value of the instrument. The lower the error, so, consequently, higher accuracy, It means that the price may differ significantly from the price.. Read More

Sales Department

At the same time groups run by Proximity determines the integrator and the operator (user) can only manage those sections of the OPS, which he granted access. Each user action on the alarm system management through proximity modules INT-xx is accompanied by an audible confirmation. For example, to alert the general alarm applies a continuous beep. Along with the management modes of protection, new readers Satel allow you to implement.. Read More

CNC Systems

The positional systems, CNC machining is carried out in process of alternating or simultaneous movement of the working bodies of the machine coordinates for various (X, Y, Z). In the contour control system moves the working parts of the machine along a path (usually curvilinear) and the contour rate specified by the program. Contouring speed is the resultant feed rate of the working bodies of the machine, the direction of.. Read More

Soldering Metal

And then it turns out that is more convenient to use and more functional than the usual soldering iron, and one of the low-end soldering stations. Their device allows to solder a variety of objects with proper regulation. Soldering stations are good especially its ergonomics and handling. No soldering done qualitatively stable operation of electronic devices (and the contact in the chandelier, and mikrodetaley inside the computer) for sure will.. Read More