GSM Tools

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These two alternatives are used jointly from the thirties. That is more than half a century. It would be unfair to say that they did not make any contribution to the progress of the country. But both were exhausted, in spite of them who had been benefiting from them at the expense of NO benefit from its scope. How to make, since in these days for people to "economically active".. Read More

Memory Sticks

Many technologies began extremely like complex apparatuses for professional technical tasks. In the case of the digital photography, it has been the other way around. During long time, the professional photographers did not see with good eyes the digital cameras. They were small apparatuses with a poor definition, little practical at the time of the adjustments and too simple to operate like calling ” fotgrafo” to uses who them. Luckyly,.. Read More

Gain Value Aggregate

P A54 of July of 2005O strong performance of the manufactured products is one of the main prominences in the successive records of the Brazilian exportations. Specialists heard for this periodical, however, alert that these products present low added value, to the exception of the airplanes produced for the Embraer. ‘ ‘ It is very good terms extended the percentage of manufactured exportations of, but we need to confer more.. Read More