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Memory Sticks

Many technologies began extremely like complex apparatuses for professional technical tasks. In the case of the digital photography, it has been the other way around. During long time, the professional photographers did not see with good eyes the digital cameras. They were small apparatuses with a poor definition, little practical at the time of the adjustments and too simple to operate like calling ” fotgrafo” to uses who them. Luckyly,.. Read More

The Risk

The student begins to identify space concepts in relation to his body and the one of the others. At the same time as its laterality is developed. With the rate we will find children who have difficulty to follow it, reason of working it in class more, and coordinating its movements with the musical pulsations. The level of motivation for variable physical activities is very high. (Not to be confused.. Read More

Best Practices

In order to solve them, it ended up developing a specific solution with the aid of partner. To date of today, this one partner has perfected the solution it commercializes and it to prices of gangue in comparison with the market. Nevertheless, the territorial South, that finishes encountering with an identical problem, it does not know the referred one to partner. In fact, it does not even know that in.. Read More


We were those that sooner or later we exerted violence or lack of affection and now that returns to us. This idea can be understood as a form to evade to us of the present and the social responsibility, that one that we have with our resemblances, but is exactly the opposite. The society as body grows and is developed from that ordering where we are not watching but actors… Read More