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Optimal Relaxation

A Swiss company Esthron offers unique relaxation technology of Lucerne/Switzerland, relaxation, health, expansion of consciousness, only some of the arguments that speak for the wellness boom are stress reduction, for Esthron in Lucerne, the needs of the people are an essential economic factor. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. The floating – or also Samadhi-tank is a unique technical accomplishment and based on the results of research by.. Read More

Estetica Cosmetics Studio

Cosmetic Studio Maria under a new name reopened since this summer there in Berlin Kreuzberg a cosmetic Studio, which was under a different name known already for a long time the inhabitants: the beauty salon, Estetica by Maria Nguema MBA, offered sophisticated cosmetics and nail care by 2012 in the cosmetics and nail Studio Maria Friesen Street in Kreuzberg. The new beauty salon, Estetica is now in larger rooms in.. Read More