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Cutting Edge

So, for better skin knife from unquenched spit than a knife, made of linen hacksaw. Dependence is simple: the higher the quenching and firmer metal, the greater the angle of sharpening him to do. At a lower angle of the blade blunts because crumble. Thus, the steel hardness 60 hrc can sharpen sharper than 45 . A spit of you make a thin knife-screed from 8 to 12 'and edge.. Read More

Accounting Enterprise

Automation of the companies with the help of 8.0 has a pretty significant advantages that make especially 1C 8.1 most attractive to many entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large enterprises. Can even indicate that at the very beginning of its popularity was approved on its merits and the quality of bookkeeping for you to become an industrial standard in dealing with the accounting records of problems. What talk about. 1C.. Read More