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Christina Aguilera

Now yes Christina Aguilera entered of time for ' ' POP BITCH' ' , directed term the women of music pop that they are sexy, promiscuous, blond and strong in pop, and coincidence or all does not use ' ' bitch' ' in its compositions. But leaving the new term pra there, Christina really ' ' it is not same today at night ' ' , as same it already.. Read More

Georges Bizet

With its pulsantes ideals Bizet it eternalizes its celebrates phrase: The love is an rebellious bird that nobody can imprison. The freedom spirit is that it stimulates the Andalusian personage, fortifies the ideals of the feminine liberalization, therefore it becomes synonymous of emancipation and referring feminine freedom the ways and customs of the Spanish women. the love is part of the life and not an arrest, in this manner Bizet.. Read More

Network Control Protocol

I capitulate III. General description of the Project. — From the establishment of the components of the closed-circuit System of TV (CFTV), the project of the computer network without wire will be developed to carry through the interconnection of 25 cameras of monitoramento of type IP PTZ type Speed Dome the test of vandalism and to concentrate its signal in a central station. The project also contemplates net of the.. Read More