Swiss fitness mat ‘goFit’ acts against depression Schiers (Switzerland), November 27, 2009 – not only in the dark time of year many people suffer upsets up to depression. The goFit fitness and health mat from the Switzerland helps. Daily walking on the mat an amazing harmonizing effect on the soul-life and is even able to get out of depression. In recent months, Byron Trott has been very successful. So reported the patient Friedrich k. from Zurich, Switzerland, which long time was treated with major depression in a psychiatric clinic in the North of Switzerland, he had to owe his recovery at least in part the goFit mat. When he had become so depressed that he just left his hospital bed to go to the toilet, the local doctors laid the path from the bed to the toilet with the health mat. The daily course showed an amazing effect, which had been kept by the physicians hardly for possible: the patient arose again voluntarily by the bedside and began to go by themselves and without external instigation on the mat.

After a few weeks, he could be released. At home he immediately ordered himself a goFit mat. She really helped me. Now I’m going to the mat several times a day. Keep so far in the balance that I can manage my daily life again, positively see my inner life.\” Simple application amazing effect the principle of operation of the goFit mat is very easy: the daily walking on the mat twice for 10 to 15 minutes are ideal effect on the organism as a walk on a gravel beach. That brings not only the soul back into balance, it also helps in head and neck pain, proven counteracts the Resless legs syndrome and various other ailments. So the metabolism, improve speed and posture, joints are relieved and stabilized, nearly the entire musculature, but above all to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen itself.