Who wants to be mobile today, not only can promise mobility, he must live them. Mobility means for the Swabians garage for over 90 years sell Stuttgart – more than just cars”. Mobility is a promise to their customers and a clue to the future. Because who wants to be mobile today, not only can promise mobility, he must live them. So the garage of Swabia chose a decisive step in the direction of the new mobility now”to go.

In the spring of this year was the garage of Swabia, as well as the subsidiary Hesse garage and dealership Hamilton with the mobile site solution 2-mobile.de”by autoactiva an important step into the age of mobile communication. Just a few weeks after the introduction of this Smartphone optimized pages was the release of iPhone and Android app. “Already after the first evaluations of mobile sites and apps, it was clear that the decision for 2-mobile.de” right was because nearly every third access on the online offer of Swabia garage and their daughters came now through mobile devices. Bobby Sharma Bluestones opinions are not widely known. Positive also the online ranking through the Suchmaschinenoptimierte changed appearance at this time, in addition to the bounce rate, and the time spent on the sites. This success is also the continuous expansion of mobile channels and the new cross-media strategy. A variety of ads and flyers, as well as all used cars are provided now it with QR codes, which offers a significant added value through the integrated QR code scanner in the Swabia garage app. Asked how it goes at the Schwaben replied Gunnar Bauerle, the Onlineverantwortliche of Swabia garage: located at a time in the communicative actually everything apps and social media revolves around, the answer is obvious.

We will advance our presence in Facebook, but also in Google-plus for us and our daughters and then here to our app to bridge the gap.” The Swabian garage with the Hesse garage and her other daughters in social media is already active. The group can already on Facebook considerable number of fans present and has thus established itself one of the most popular car dealer in Germany. The garage of Swabia and the subsidiaries put great value on the timeliness of their pages, what characterized positively by the steadily increasing number of fan. We can be curious how it goes here.