How to ensure that your adventure journey to the open air will turn into a catastrophe. Imagine in full hike, a trip with friends, family and coincidences of life occurs the unexpected; you or your partner, is seriously injured. To deal with this delicate situation with the greatest success, you have to be prepared to succeed of your survival period. The preparation can be your greatest security strategy so you can enjoy your outdoor trips with tranquility. Understand how assist and apply first aid can be key in an extreme situation handling limit, survival manual. Some things to consider when preparing your first aid kit. Long fences excursion trip by nature, either a short or long period, carrying with you essential supplies. Such as bandages, disinfectants, cream of eruption, sunscreen, repellent for insects, etc.

Also takes into account that some supplies may vary depending on the site where you’re going hiking: these kits of irrigation systems for wounds, antibiotics, wipes, creams for the rash, vitamins, elements of stitching, gauze, splints, etc. If you consume daily pills, injections or inhalers, cannot take bookings to avoid missing you before embarking on the return. Of course, a very important aspect in terms of first aid, is that you must learn to use correctly the items or supplies that make up the first aid kit, since this way you could play successfully its stage of survival in nature. Don’t be surprised by a situation of risk. Learn survival skills, this could save your life and that of your loved ones.