Geodesy – the science of the Earth, to be exact about the measurements on the surface. It appeared as far back as ancient times and was needed for construction, the division of land, drawing plans. Surveyors of the time used primitive means measurements, but with time surveying tools, more and more complicated. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). Currently surveying – this is one of the most high-tech sectors of modern industry. None of the construction site is not complete without a competent surveyor with modern laser and electronic equipment and a powerful personal computer. What does the surveyor at a construction site? Who is this guy? And can we do without him? Surveyor – an engineer, specially trained in the institution (eg, MIIGAiK – University of Geodesy) people. He leads the support of the construction from the very beginning, when not even a pit, and not worth the fence construction. What is he doing? Before you start construction, that is, until the arrival of foremen, technicians and workers need to prepare the project documentation.

In order to properly draft a building, grading (slope of land) and so requires a so-called Geological preparatory basis or topographic map larger scale, which would be dealt to all existing buildings and structures, communications (network engineering), elevation (horizontal) and all the necessary information. This topographical plan and created by the surveyor and his assistant during the survey work. Once all the permits for the construction and design documentation is received the developer, the geodesic team begins training surveying at the construction site.