It is also possible during your search will be held job fair. Less of this “place” in that it is not permanent – should be specified when passing. Strategy number 2 – used most frequently and consistently produces results! And we are with you right now proceed to the strategy number 3 – it’s the latter, considered today, a sighting of a strategy requires a more creative approach: The strategy number 3 – “If you really want – you can fly to the stars!” In keeping with this strategy, you will: – make a list of companies where you would like to work. Maybe there’s a company in which you always wanted to work:) Maybe you compile this list for the first time, using the topical search such as Yandex, picking up the company, according to your criteria – for example dealing with design of flats, or, for example, are in the 30-minute distance from your home – what to whom:) – Looking for – whether heading devoted to jobs on the site interesting to you company. Usually “Jobs” “Jobs” or “Working in the company,” or even as something like that:) More useful Councils in electronic multimedia magazine “Secrets of a recruiter” – If you find there a suitable job for you – excellent! Go there and wait for a summary of the answer, as in paragraph 1 of the Strategy number 2 .. The difference is that once you are looking for among the most interesting suggestions for you – If you do not find vacancies that are suitable to you, you can apply for a job in the future.

Ie You send resume with the expectation that the company is a kind of summary of the base, and sooner or later the company will need an expert like you, and then they turn to you. And your dream realized:) How good of the whole result, but, unfortunately, is often slow … ons: If you are looking for proposals not profile is also quite possible to search for the company! Ie perhaps you will be interested in working in a courier Lukoil (do not know whether they are recruited couriers actually:) – you and cards in your hand to find out:)) than in the same courier Ivanov unincorporated business, even if assume equal pay:) Young professionals who have a desire to make a career in the area on which they have a diploma, I advise you to look for branded company (self-profile) and get back to any money. A year or two of the brand company in front of you will open the doors a lot:) As mentioned above, you can use all the strategies at once:) I would be happy if this information would be useful to you:) Good luck to you job search and in other cases !!!:).