It is not necessary to be an artist, it is enough that you have seen in the picture that you want. Peremeryayte entire apartment inch by inch, draw its plan to cut paper designs furniture (mandatory compliance with the proportions) and play around, moving furniture and imagining how it will look room and apartment. Step Three. Draw up an estimate. For this you need the notebook and pen, which can be replaced by a computer. Because you have decided on what needs to be replaced or redone, then make a list of materials and tools that to acquire. Do not forget about the little things. For example, if you're going perekleit wallpaper, do not forget to include estimates of things such as glue, brushes, rollers, primer.

If you plan to lay a laminate, then except for the laminate You will need a substrate, a plinth, for fixing skirting boards, and also may have to align the floor. As a recommendation, I can advise to enter the room in which the planned repairs and already there on the spot to record all necessary work and materials. Then it would be bad to go to the store or building materials on the market and look to ask the price, advice. Maybe you will find new ideas and solutions. Step Four. Define the scope of work. Think about how to begin repairs, and where it will end. Very cool if you could at the time of the repair work to leave his apartment.