In preparation for the installation of a metal door in the brick doorway Guardian should start from the beginning to the size and structure of the opening. In this article, we will not mention the need to install additional structures for amplification of the opening, just consider the possibility of a less complex version when you install an iron door. The parameters of the opening of protective doors are a basic role in the installation of doors, so as not many manufacturers of factory door blocks to produce the required size of the house in order. As for the iron doors of the Guardian, the landlord can not completely worry – the plant produces custom Guardian a comprehensive range of sizes. Many of the same Leading manufacturers are doing a narrow range of sizes of doors, for example 2.05 to 0.96 and 2.05 to 0.86, and that's limited. In order to fix the settings of your doorway, you want to measure from both sides of the opening height – right and left. To measure correctly – with the upper base of the doorway to the bottom.

The width should be measured at three levels – top, bottom and middle. The measurement should be absolutely as well as in height – from the bottom of the opening door to another. Shoot size at the base of the old box has gone terribly wrong, because the standing frame is completely different. Naturally more professionally and competently produce a master dimension. In the case when the sizes of your openings are not commensurate with the main parameters adopted by the manufacturer – the master shall reduce the door opening, or an increase.

Very often there is quite a broad ability to make desired size doors Guardian for the customer. Often when you install the iron doors come across taller door openings, the doors were before with transoms. Very often, these doorways are found in antiquated houses, fresh, this configuration of the opening is currently not used. Close the top of a metal door as appropriate, setting the metal and laying the transom corner blocks, which usually occurs in the case make custom transom is not possible. Also made a bookmark and too spacious doorway. The increase of the opening produced in the case when he or the buyer wants to install a door Guardian much broader than he can afford. Boer, ANGLE GRINDERS or a special drink – a core set of power tools for expanding the doorway. First, demolished an old door frame, then held with the activities opening and is placed only after the new frame. This step is important – set the door frame. Careful construction with foam filling holes promezhdu frame steel door set and slopes of the doorway is condition required the installation of door unit. The main elements of a set of mounting doors including construction foam. Bargain foam fills the hole Intermedia jambs of the doorway and a box and removes podduvanie, Doing better this way insulation. Good insulating gaps – one of the required notes for competent installation of metal doors Guardian. Before you mount the door on the box – it is desirable to test efficiency bolts, keys, valves, actuators, if any of these sites, and a panoramic eye.