About fifteen years ago during a vacation in Turkey, I went on a tour – a walk in the mountains. We were warned that we will have to walk on rough terrain, wade streams, climb a hill and need to put on 'proper' shoes. Had to choose between running shoes, sneakers, sandals or daily (the other shoe while some did not sell). I opted for sneakers, due to the fact that they are easier and quicker to dry sneakers. Walk in them for thirty-eight degree heat was terribly hot, and besides, I have sweated feet. But then I noticed in our company a couple of German tourists.

They were shod in sandals miracle – very similar to running shoes. Made their durable, but flexible material, with a comfortable durable Velcro, which is regulated by the leg, and did not allow the leg to move and tuck. For more specific information, check out altavista. The insole with the instep would not allow the foot to slide inside the shoe. At moving streams, wading sandals are not removed, does not hurt his feet on sharp stones, no slipping on the wet sticks. Sturdy corrugated base allowed them to maintain balance on difficult areas. In addition, their miracle shoe-sandals quickly went dry and rubbed his legs. A few years later similar shoes appeared in our country.

Began producing sandals for men, women and children. There were also local producers and sellers of such shoes. place to go. It is quite qualitative and inexpensive models have seen recently in the store under the brand name 'EKSI S' models were even made of genuine leather and nubuck. Comfortable, breathable, durable, resistant sandals quickly won the love of the people leading an active lifestyle and have become indispensable helpers in travel to tropical countries, and just for walking in summer.