In this article we focus on the most optimal way currently to promote or publicize a product or service to do this use of classified ads, sites such as ebay and use them sincerely ebay lately not seem to work as before. Then I discuss a list of the best places to publish a product or service for free and segmented by categories and geographic region of each country. Thus you will have a hearing or not will get filtered drift placing advertisements in web pages, this will be directly related to the conversion of your goals. 1 .- (International) is an international classified portal is working very well especially in the United States but also in some European and Asian countries also work. 2 .- (International) The quintessential classifieds portal in the United States, there are people who say they have sold in minutes after posting your ad, and we are talking about sales of over a thousand U.S. dollars.

The interface leaves much to be desired but the results are the best for falling in the U.S.. 3 .- (UK) The most famous site in the United Kingdom, made famous by immigrants, I was one, got my new room and some job interviews for a few years ago. 4 .- (covers the Spanish market). This is a portal that is growing internationally and was born in the Spanish market, its particularity is that is fairly well organized and the ads are targeted by category and geographic region. The ads are free and are indexed more quickly in the major Internet search engines. Promises good conversions. in Yubidoo Spain (Click to change geographical segment to select another city other than Madrid). Choose the category, subcategory and position your ad.