DietGourmet, healthy home restoration company, begins the new season after the holidays with new dishes and menus, fruit of the studies carried out by the Department of research and quality of the company. This Department, whose director is Ismael Sanchez, consists of a kitchen, a laboratory, and a tasting room to sample new dishes. Our system of work consists in the elaboration of a menu that fits the specifications which tells us the team of nutritionists headed by Dr. Susana Monereo, then recipes we make handcrafted and we analyze if the result is appropriate to meet DietGourmet standards, explains Ismael Sanchez. This company develops its menus with fresh food, quality, following a process of packed and cooked extremely careful, as directed by the team of nutritionists headed by Dr. Susana Monereo, one of the specialists in Endocrinology and nutrition most recognized in Spain, participating in teams of advice on diet, nutrition and obesity to various public institutions, has belonged to the Scientific Committee of the Spanish food safety agency and currently serves as Chief of Endocrinology of the University Hospital of Getafe. Dishes are cooked with fresh food, without dyes or preservatives, with Virgin olive oil and natural seasonings typical of the Mediterranean diet.

And thanks to the Department of research and quality not only finds a healthy and balanced, but also varied menu suitable for those people who want to lose or control their weight, or have little time to cook and like to eat healthy. So DietGourmet is constituted as an alternative to the typical fast food or fast food, serving home products refrigerated, already cooked and only need a prior heating, usually in microwave. Natural products like fruits, salads and fresh food are also served. The process is very simple. The client may be ordered through the web ( or phone 902 00 27 80 and create your profile in response to simple questions allow you to calculate your body mass index free of charge. From there, get a result that will recommend a wide range of alternatives offered by DietGourmet within the 70 different dishes that exist. Once carried out the order, the customer will receive at home or where agreed your weekly diet plan, recommendations to complement the diet, tips for a healthy lifestyle and many more indications.

Orders are received once a week. DietGourmet is a novel concept of restoration at home that has triumphed in other countries of the world and that comes to our country being the only company with similar characteristics that is backed by the catering sector experts and professionals of health and nutrition. This company provides its customers a healthy and tasty, balanced diet, and what is so important in maintaining a regime, varied, also delivered on-site without the need of lose time when you go to select, acquire, or put food cooking. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion 91 409 44 94 Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Yourself in Cabo The Luxury Spot How Fast Food And Obesity Are Related Do flat Abs Fitness Training a macabre spot against fast food makes rage to McDonald s: Marketing direct What Was Topless Nicole Richie Celebrating in Cabo? Fast Food Franchise Fast Food Franchise